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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cell Phone Etiquettes – Do We Possess Them?

Sanika Fegade, Class XI A

We possess mobile phones but lack mobile phone etiquettes.
Imagine a situation where you’ve spent hard-earned cash to watch a suspense thriller, the mystery is at its peak as the culprit is about to be revealed, you are at the edge of your seat when you hear a catchy – Bollywood-inspired tune, a cell phone ringtone actually. Wouldn’t you be irritated that someone has interrupted you? Moreover, this irritation doesn’t stop here - the next thing you hear is an old gentleman with a booming voice complaining about the food he had yesterday.
What I would like to talk about is something which is slightly more important to us than breathing - our cell phones. As a society, we have come to accept mobile phones as an important organ of our body. But have we learnt how to use this organ efficiently?
The answer is an obvious no!
Every day, we are subject to irrelevant conversation of strangers because people just don’t talk softly. Every day, we are disturbed during important meetings because the facility of ‘silent mode’ has been left unexplored by a large section of our society. This matter is of such great importance that even renowned writers like Jug Suraiya have taken up the cause of ‘Cell phone Privacy’. But even so, we haven’t come to realize any correlation between owning extravagant cellphones and practising free of cost cell phones etiquette. 
This problem does not require a solution as ground breaking as rocket science but a simple understanding that people are not interested in our lives and that we must let people live their own lives without the worry of cellphone interruption.

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