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The nascent and fresh minds of students are so creatively inclined that they have the ability to bring into being a universe of their own. They are little tyros who would, with time, unfold into verves, momentum or sensations of various creative dimensions. A chalk sculptor, a clay artist, an amateur painter of Madhubani, Warli, a dabbler of still life, a budding poet, a tenderfoot writer or a fledgling lyricist – one gets all varieties of creatively-aligned students covered in a seemingly dilettantish peel. We at Shishukunj aspire to provide a humble platform to all such potentials to smatter around and mature into the perfection that they are seeking to epitomize or become! This blog is thus an endeavor that would allow all Shishyans to just play around with their latent artistic caliber and enjoy the bliss of a “BRAVO” from known and unknown quarters.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Then Whose Fault Was It?

Adviteeya Khujneri, Class IX C

 “Oh! How dare you push me into the lake! I am all wet now”, said Josh.
“It’s not my fault”, Jack replied.
Jack and Josh were arguing about whose fault it was when Jack pushed Josh into the lake.
One fine morning, these two friends planned to go fishing in the lake. This is how it all started. They rented a small boat and sailed to the middle of the lake. The weather was pleasant and all the fishes were enjoying a nice swim in the water.
Jack and Josh had a jar full of earthworms, some sandwiches and fruits in a basket. Both sat with their backs against each other. They took out their fishing rods and kept an empty bucket between them.
When they cast their fishing rods, their hooks got stuck. Both thought they had caught something.
“Hey, I’ve got something”, Josh said.
“Me too! Me too!” exclaimed Jack, “And it’s really big.”
“Cannot be bigger than mine,” said Josh.
Oblivious to what was happening under the boat, they both foolishly kept pulling each other via their hooks.
“Oh my god! I bet it’ll feed me for a whole week! Mom’s going to be so proud of me,” said Jack.
Josh interrupted, “Ha! Ha! Bet a sandwich, mine’s bigger!”
And so they both argued about their catch. Jack tugged his rod pulling Josh into the water. Jack laughed heartily as Josh splashed about in the water. But since their hooks were entangled, even Jack got pulled into the water and their boat turned turtle.

Both swam ashore and as soon as they had caught their breath, they started fighting again. Now, all their sandwiches were in the lake and the fishes enjoyed a feast of free earthworms.

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