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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Increased Price, Decreased Life

Dhruv Rajoria, Class X D

In today’s world, the only difference between life and death has become affordability of health care services. With the recent regulation of the price of stents, prices of healthcare services has again come to light and has become a heated topic for debate.
Not only stents but from medicines to pathological tests to a normal operation, every healthcare service is out of the reach of even a middle class family. Doctors also usually prescribe medicines which are expensive even if medicines of the same composition are available at cheaper rates in the market. Often companies pay the doctors to prescribe their brand of medicines. The final result is a helpless patient and well off doctors and pharma companies.

Our system and civic authorities need to keep a constant check on this. Chemists can inform citizens about the cheaper variants of the same medicine. Setting up a committee of experienced doctors along with high officials for regulation of price of medicines will also help. Finally, it is the people who must become aware and raise their voice against highly priced medicines.

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