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The nascent and fresh minds of students are so creatively inclined that they have the ability to bring into being a universe of their own. They are little tyros who would, with time, unfold into verves, momentum or sensations of various creative dimensions. A chalk sculptor, a clay artist, an amateur painter of Madhubani, Warli, a dabbler of still life, a budding poet, a tenderfoot writer or a fledgling lyricist – one gets all varieties of creatively-aligned students covered in a seemingly dilettantish peel. We at Shishukunj aspire to provide a humble platform to all such potentials to smatter around and mature into the perfection that they are seeking to epitomize or become! This blog is thus an endeavor that would allow all Shishyans to just play around with their latent artistic caliber and enjoy the bliss of a “BRAVO” from known and unknown quarters.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Bermuda Triangle

Riddhi Singhania, Class X D

I was a pilot then
Flying the Airbus One-Thirty
It was over the Bermuda Triangle
That I felt the nature was playing dirty.

The radars went off
My hands started shaking
An abyss I saw below
And the plane started sinking.

It was neither the blue ocean
Nor the blue clouds of the heaven
It was indeed a time warp
In which we all were taken.

To the right we saw the civilizations
To the left were the inventions
It showed the whole world together
That even history books don’t mention.

Two or three hours thus passed
We don’t know what happened
But when the enchanting spell was broken
We had already reached our destination.

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