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The nascent and fresh minds of students are so creatively inclined that they have the ability to bring into being a universe of their own. They are little tyros who would, with time, unfold into verves, momentum or sensations of various creative dimensions. A chalk sculptor, a clay artist, an amateur painter of Madhubani, Warli, a dabbler of still life, a budding poet, a tenderfoot writer or a fledgling lyricist – one gets all varieties of creatively-aligned students covered in a seemingly dilettantish peel. We at Shishukunj aspire to provide a humble platform to all such potentials to smatter around and mature into the perfection that they are seeking to epitomize or become! This blog is thus an endeavor that would allow all Shishyans to just play around with their latent artistic caliber and enjoy the bliss of a “BRAVO” from known and unknown quarters.

Friday, October 27, 2017


Naqiya Barnagarwala, Class VII B

Little star, so real, so near,
I see you shining clear.

Little star, you, why should I blame?
I called you many times, but you never came.

Little star, so bright, so pretty,
I see you across my window when I sleep.

You shine so brightly in the sky,
I don’t know the reason why.

What’s your aim, I don’t know,
Just sit down and watch the show.

Water, water, everywhere,
On the land,
In the air.

Water is so salty,
Somewhere clean,
Somewhere dirty.

Water is so mysterious, for you and me,
Solid, liquid or gaseous,
It exists in all three.

It quenches our thirst you know
Through the river it goes
Where it will stop nobody knows.

Save water
As it is becoming scarce
Because we waste it,
And nobody cares for it.

So beautiful, so pretty,
They come out
In dresses of pink, yellow and green.

They have wonderful fragrance
And they often close
When our hands touch them.

They have lovely petals
And some feed themselves
With beetles.

Flowers are the beauty
Nature has provided,
We need to maintain the beauty,
We all have decided.

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